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Whitley Strieber’s Journey Into the Past & Our Future

by Alien Cosmos

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The Navy releases UFO footage. The CIA releases thousands of classified UFO documents. A pandemic rages. Weather upheavals sweep the planet. Political violence is everywhere. What has happened to us and what is going to happen next? The author of such iconic books as Communion, Superstorm, Afterlife Revolution, A New World and Jesus: A New Vision presents a vision of our past and our future unlike anything you have ever seen or heard.
Whitley Strieber is the author of over thirty bestselling books, including Communion, and Superstorm written with Art Bell. His new nonfiction book Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained, written with Professor Jeffrey Kripal, offers a completely new look at the whole subject of the paranormal. The TV series Hunters, based on his Alien Hunter novels, is now appearing on the SyFy Channel. Whitley’s latest Alien Hunter novel, Alien Hunter: the White House, was published in April of 2016.

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