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Ultimate Guide to #Alien Races [Vol. 2]

by Alien Cosmos

Do you believe extraterrestrials are real If so, what do they look like and are all the ones we hear about real? How many different species do we have documented And more importantly what are their intentions All of this and more on part two of our extraterrestrial guide on the edge of wonder Welcome to a special episode of edge of wonder on ET species, I’m Ben and I’m Rob So on our first episode we covered various ET races such as Arcturians, blue avians, Ebens, Mantids, On this one, we’re gonna be looking at more controversial ones such as Ants, Dracos, and the strange case of the gate 3 incident of the Archquloids so if you haven’t seen our first one it might be better to watch that first because some races we cover here connected to the ones there On these episodes We decided to create an ultimate guide for you guys on who are these beings from other star systems or other dimensions that are visiting us There are so many beings and I mean we had thousands of pages of documents But you know what, now I feel like I seriously have a PhD in interplanetary and dimensional being Dr.

Ben I’m sure that that’ll be useful at some point at least in the field we are in anyway, sit back, grab a coffee or tea or Ben Grabbing a tea and join us on our second intergalactic journey through the most notable alien races in the galaxy On to our first species Jules, take it away Sirians Mission: assisting humans on their spiritual path and genetic experimentation Home planet Sirius, also known as dog star Alignment: benevolent To be honest, Sirians are kind of complicated and why is that Because the Sirius Star System has three stars and it’s filled with all different types of beings Some really good and some who have their own agendas But they all look very different Luckily a majority of them are benevolent towards humans. However, most of those hailing from Sirius B, the tiny white dwarf star, aren’t very nice towards humans apparently. Word on the street is that the culture from these beings have made their way into our society over the 5 million year history that they’ve been coming to this planet.

Most of which was seen in Atlantis, during the last civilization. This is the stuff we’ve all heard about like crystal healing, auras and something called subtle bodies which has to do with the healing of different parts of your consciousness which make up different parts of your physical body. Now the type of Syrian that I’ve drawn here aren’t the dark ones from the garbage bin working with the Dracos responsible for the most terrifying abductions of all time. They are the positive beings. Reportedly these have an advanced disposition of compassion and selflessness. They apparently have a larger brain with an extra lobe that allows them much more supernormal abilities including telepathy and advanced sight.

Also their home planet around the star Sirius is the brightest star in our sky and is also named Dog Star in which an African Tribe that has been around for 5,000 years call them Dogon from Mali, was supposedly visited by them and this tribe had super advanced understanding of Astrology which has even baffled NASA scientists. Yea if you haven’t heard of them don’t be surprised, anything that undermines our modern science is kept out of the limelight. But these guys knew about an existence of Sirius B and even know about its orbital period which is every 60 years which wasn’t discovered till the 50’s when we had advance telescopes. They knew about all of this 1000 years ago, to be specific They also discovered the existence of Sirius C, and that their culture was very similar to Egyptian with similar artifacts and Gods worshiped as well, which makes us think they were both visited by the same extraterrestrials. Even though they were over 2,000 miles away.

They also talked about amphibious beings, coming from the same star system as the Egyptian god, Isis, known as the Nummos and knew about the planets and moons in our solar system. So the next race we’re gonna talk about you’ve all heard of are the Dracos Jules take it away Dracos, mission: control and replace the human race Home planet: Alpha Draconis in the Draco constellation Alignment: hostile, but some benevolent ones All right, out of all the ET groups we are covering in these episodes None are more controversial as the dreaded Draco reptilians who come from the Draco Constellation and their home world is one of the foulest places in the entire cosmos. Before we dive into them there are a lot of different kinds of Dracos, we have been told that some are human hybrids some are very tall and some are a hybrid of the greys.

One of the first people to bring these out as we know of them today was by Arizona Wilder who first talked about the shape shifting reptilians to David Ike in the 90’s. Now at the time everyone thought she was crazy, however, instead of this dying out, it actually got more mainstream and soon a lot more insiders claimed to have seen them and now they are part of the Illumina…. Can’t say that Actually I am going to call them illumindonkeys, to avoid Youtube censors So just about all the insiders and ufologists (aside from a few people) talk about them. These could also very well be the demons that are mentioned throughout all of our religious texts, folklore, and stories all throughout the world. The leaders are supposedly over 15 feet tall, all white with demonic wings and large slanted eyes. They have super advanced technology and they are the master and leaders of the human genetic experiments and master cloners. From what we know, we heard that all genetically modified things out in society originated from them which is why I believe there is such a backlash in society about this in our foods, because I mean really who knows what it is actually doing to our bodies.

It is said that they have conquered almost every race they have come upon and would give themselves upgrades by assimilating each race’s DNA into their own bodies and acquire their technology and then make them their slaves. It is also said that they have been on Earth for millions and millions of years. Sounds like a bad episode of the X-men Insider Corey Goode on the Cosmic Disclosure, even referenced that the dinosaurs could have been a genetic experiment which was destroyed by the Good forces at work and they were forced deep under the Earth. However, what is complicated is that there are a lot of different races and types of Reptilians. Black project Insider and our good friend Emery Smith also said he worked with some more human looking ones that looked more like a cartoon and they wanted to actually help humans. Yea a lot of the insiders such as our other good friend Laura Eisenhower say that there are good ones that broke away long ago and are fighting with the evil ones, but they very rarely they will show themselves to humans since most of us associate them with being bad.

Also if you look in a lot of religions and cultures they seemed to be mentioned a lot. In Egypt they have a lizard god named Sobek and in ancient cultures all throughout South America there was a lizard God named Quetzalcoatl which means feathered serpent. Also the Mayans worshiped snakes in their culture, plus the bible talks about these kinds of serpent demons as well. But also there are some good stories, such as bodhisattva Nagarjuna, in which Naga means serpent, were given the Tantric sutras after being initiated by giant serpents This kind of reminds me of the difference between when you think of dragons in the West and then dragons in Eastern culture right like They’re all considered serpents but ones like definitely good and then ones just like this evil demonic thing exactly Man there is so much to cover with these guys that we may need to do a seperate episode on them and how they are connected to the Illunindonkeys.

Yea how they are part of this original bloodline and how they purposely over years and years got humans to mix races which in according to them makes us impure. Look guys, I know all of this can sound super crazy So just take it all lightly and just remember to be compassionate to each other and always carry your lizard blocker Carry what? Lizard blocker Rob Did you photoshop that Hey that’ s pretty good Now lizards are gonna mess with us with nothing Guys in this drawing Basically, I had to look through a lot of research and listen to what a lot of people were saying about these Dracos Corey Goode talks a lot about them Different people that have seen them and what I did is I basically made a compilation of all of those things and put them into the drawing So that’s what you’re seeing right here And on a side note many of these insiders and people like Corey Goode and Arizona Wilder say that the leader of the Draco is a 15-foot albino with wings who goes by the name Pindar.

I can’t make this stuff, sounds like a bad comic book So and apparently this Pindar guys’ eye is supposed to be the eye in the pyramid of the illumidonkey So number 13 are the more human-looking Pleadians Jules take it away Pleadians mission: assisting and studying humans for genetic purposes Home star: Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation Alignment: benevolent and some hostile So Pleiadians are said to be extraterrestrials that most resemble humans. Some sources say they live to be 700 years old. They’re spiritually and technologically advanced. As a side note, Cherokee Indians believed they came from the Pleiadian star system.

Also we covered Nordics in our last episode and Nordic is more of a general term for a lot of the tall blonde races. One of the major sources for Pleiadian contact is Billy Meier who by quoting our friend Dr. Salla “received much public attention as a result of his alleged visits from Pleiadians from 1975 to 1986 which he supported with material evidence that continues to confound those skeptical of Meier’s claims.” Meier recounts discussions with the Pleiadians who’s goal seems to be to assisting humans in understanding the threat from the reptilians and the gray aliens whose ultimate goal is to enslave humankind. Now there are many Pleiadian groups from different places in that region and some can look very different.

Some of these tall blondes ones seem to have alterior or hidden motives and some do work with the Dracos or were at least conquered and controlled by them. The the majority seem to be positive and most people who have had an experience with them mostly say that it was a really good one. One of the most famous Pleiadians seem to be a being by the name of Lord Ashtar who is one of the leaders in aiding the human race, which would be a whole episode if we get into it so let’s move on from here Next will be the ant race Jules.

What’s the deal with these guys? Ant race, commission: alliance with Dracos Home star: unknown Alignment: amoral So not too much is known about these guys but Emery Smith and Corey Goode have both seen them before Emery said they are similar to the Mantids, which we covered in our first episode, and that they have a special voice box they use to translate their sounds into any human language. He had a positive experience with them and also a very sad one. He said he was working closely with one and soon truck loads of these dead ant beings were brought to the secret underground base.

He said they were all working deep underground and they were all killed by some branch of the military and they wanted to know how they died. So the Ant Emery was working with connected with their bodies, because it can access the consciousness even after a body died, and see its memory before death. Emery actually got really choked up while he was telling this story because he said he felt an overwhelming sadness emitting from the Ant he was working with and said it was the first time ever he felt sadness from an extraterrestrial.

Corey said that some of them do work closely with the Dracos and when he saw the large albino Draco there were a few of these Ant beings standing up and guarding along with smaller reptilian ones. However, Corey noted that some may be working with them against their will. So the next race we’re gonna cover is the more benevolent races Ben and I came across and it’s the Feline races Jules fill us in what you got Feline Race, mission: assisting humans on their spiritual path Home planet, Avyon, located in the Lyra system Alignment: benevolent Out of all the ET races we are talking about on this episode There’s probably none are more interesting than these feline race that has an existence over a billion years They said that they came from a different universe and existed as light but when they came into this universe they settled on a planet called Avyon, avyon, I’m not really sure in the Lyra system.

This planet was inhabited by a large number of animals that look similar to lions so it is said that they decided to reincarnate in a physical body as humanoid lions. They soon started to go to different systems and some went to Sirius, man Sirius must be like the real life Coruscant, that’s like the planet that has every ET species on it in the Star Wars Universe. You know you wear Star Wars shirt almost every week Man that would be cool if we found out Coruscant was modeled after Sirius. So you guys might be wondering what are these cat people like, well it is said that they are natural born leaders, and are super intellectual and very gentle and of course curious like a cat.

So word on the street is or I should say galaxy is that these beings are all full of compassion and that’s what guides them and that they are here to protect the human race and lead us and to help us rise their vibrational levels and wake up from our slumber They also are one of the leaders in the Galactic Federation of Light but according to Corey Goode the Dracos can’t stand them, I guess too much fluffy goodness, and along with the humans in the Galactic Federation, who are actually the Cabal, they put a kill on site order on the felines. Corey also said that they have technology that can make them disappear so to hide from the bad beings who want to kill them. However, these felines must be pretty awesome because they’re helping keep the Draco’s underground Also, they can be found in Egyptian culture, the Cat Goddess Sekhmet is supposed to be from this race which is probably why they worshiped cats as well. So Rob, we are looking at your drawing here, it looks like I can for see some thundercat reference in your drawing.

Well that and He-Man were my favor shows growing up and maybe that’s actually where this idea came from Thundercats Oh So next we’re gonna cover the Venusians which is where Valiant Thor comes from Jules what do you got for us? Venusians, mission assisting humans on their spiritual path Home planet: Venus Alignment: benevolent This is another we could do a whole episode on, the case of Valiant Thor in which we discussed with Laura Eisenhower. Now some of you guys said we used the wrong photo. There is a debate on which photo is actually Valiant Thor between Phil Schinders’ photo version and Frank E. Stranges’ version of it Most likely these are 2 different beings from Venus which is why there is some confusion. We went with Phil’s for Laura’s interview just because some people have debunked the other not saying we agree with them debunking that but the other is that it’s really hard to protest against.

Now Val Thor landed in Alexandria, Virginia and met with the President Eisenhower to discuss the world’s problems and offer advice and counsel on how to deal with and eliminate alien beings that were trying to interfere with humankind. Val mentioned to the President that our world would continue to get darker and more wars and economic imbalance would proceed. Now we heard some say Val left on March 16, 1960, to his home planet Venus and some say he is still here with his ship at Lake Meade. But he did leave a lot crew so it is possible a lot of them are among humans or within the military helping out.

He said that his people lived underground on Venus and that many people dwelled underground in many planets throughout the universe. He also mentioned that aliens would be coming here in droves who would help out with Earth’s avalanche of issues. He also said that a distant group of beings from a planetary system would be coming to give aid and data to help the progress of Earth. Val also spoke of Christ’s presence in the universe and that it was heartwarming to see his teachings continuing. I am sure you can say the same with Buddha as well Yea Didn’t we read something that said that some extraterrestrials race said that they thought the Buddha was the greatest scientists the world ever seen? Yea I did see, I don’t remember exactly where I saw that but I did see that somewhere I forgot who said it but I did hear it somewhere it was funny they used the word scientist to describe him Alright, and now to our next one which are called Orangies Jules tell us about him Orangies, mission: assisting humans on their spiritual path Home planet: Barnard’s Star in the constellation of Ophiuchus Alignment: benevolent Not too much are known about these guys but they were made famous by Boyd bushman a former aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin who had photos that he presented on his deathbed in around 2014 Many people are discrediting him because these photos he has looks like an exact image of an alien toy that sold in K-mart that was produced before he went public with these images.

However, insider Corey Goode said the Cabal will do this kind of stuff if they know that something like this would come out to the public, so the powers that be would get a company to manufacture this. This why when something like this happens, people wouldn’t believe them. But think about it, he said this on his deathbed and honestly, if you watch or read his interviews, this guy actually explains the technology he was designing and how anti-gravity works with very sophisticated magnets. But back to these Organies, Corey said that they normally never show themselves and that they are actually bright orange in color, (hints the name), and that when they die they turn more brown, which is what we are seeing in these photos Corey also said that they usually stay in their dimension but watch us very closely and when someone needs help on a spiritual level, they will send telepathic messages to assist this person. Thanks Orangies Really though we could do something just on Boyd Bushman and the whole thing, this investigation and all the stuff that he was working on.

But for now we need to keep moving forward… So next we’re gonna go into an alien being that I like to call a cross between grey aliens and the Wicked Witch of the West the Archquloids. All right, Jules. What do you got for us? Archquloids, mission: controlled by the Ebens Home planet: Pontel in Orion Alignment: some benevolent and some hostile In our last episode we went into detail about a group of extraterrestrials called the Ebens who was the feature of Stephen Spielberg’s “Close Encounter” and was part of a top secret exchange program called Project Serpo. And reported also the main alien in E.T. So make sure you watch that one before we go into this one. Also we talked about how there was a high level conversation with President Reagan and one of his advisors about these ET races and the first time that these Archquloids first were brought up.

So according to the Project Serpo documents, these beings are described as similar to “Big Nosed Grays,” they are about 5′ 6″ gray or tan beings with large, black, yellow eyes with vertical pupils and a mushroom-like heads, with four fingers and a very long beaked nose. They were genetically engineered by the Ebens and were given to the U.S. Government for observation and examination by the Ebens. It also says that the Ebens cloned them from 2 different species and these were a little more primitive and were used more as slaves and had a “brain chip” that they call it that could be controlled using a little black box. So there is a very bizarre story called “The Gate 3 Incident” that took place at Area 51 in which one of these beings had left a secure vault and was “on foot” in the open area outside of the Groom Lake Complex. Security and OSI staff (United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations) were ordered to search the area and detain the ‘stray’.

The interesting thing is how the story is so detailed, it even says there was a mixture of private security and military security for the complex with the outside company called Wackenhut Corp which is now called G4S Secure Solutions. They were all searching around the complex when one of the OSI staff noticed that the guard from the Wackenhut Corp wasn’t there. The OSI staff went over to where the guard should be and found…. ok this is a bit crazy.. But they found interior of the gate was blood splattered and only small pieces of human body parts left on the ground. Dude can you imagine having to figure out a way to explain this to that family. Yea ma’am I’m sorry your husband was vaporized with a nozzler. Anyway so to make a long story short, the agent went looking for the being and somehow there’s a standoff he ended up shooting them 2 times. They brought it in to treat it but since the humans had no idea of his body physiology, he only lived for a year or so after which is kind of amazing if you were shot twice The entire incident was even investigated by the FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigation which is probably how this report is so thorough and was leaked.

Also an indicator of I mean that report is so thorough and like how do you make something like that I mean why would you waste the time to make something like that and that was only like a part of it and it was still kind of long It is crazy Okay, so the next group that we’re gonna talk about are known as two things, either Telosians or the Lemurians Jules so tell us about him Telosians, aka Lemurians, mission: protect and help the human race Home star: Lemuria Earth (Inner Earth species) Alignment: benevolent Some are saying that the North Pole or the arctic disappeared from google maps, either the cause is some climate change or that it is actually a Mandela Effect.

However, the real reason is that data is missing from Google maps. The question is, what are they hiding? So Ben, are you trying to say that google maps is actually hiding the real location of Santa’s palace to keep this a secret? Yep that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Ladies and Gentlemen, Santa Claus is ready get this? –an alien No not really Right, ok lets get into the real reason here, that there could be ancient Earth beings who lived on a Atlantis type continent called Lemuria, which is basically very similar to what Rivendell looks like in Lord of the Rings.

But something happened and they went deep in the inner Earth and using their psychotronic technologies, involving crystals and the highly developed mental abilities, they were able to create a new home inside the earth. Some say that under Mt. Shasta in Northern California is a home to this race and that could explain the reason why so many people had very supernatural experiences being near the mountain. So there is a very famous encounter with Admiral Richard E. Byrd at the Arctic, in the late 40’s in which he logged and documented in great detail. He wanted to make this public but was forced not to say anything and using his own words, he said, “completely against my values of moral right.” So this thing is very long but we will try to keep this somewhat shorter.

They are flying over the North Pole region when their instruments start to go haywire. They see mountains and snow but soon they start to see a valley with a small river and green everywhere. He says the light is different and they can’t see the sun. They see a very large animal below them and he realizes it is a Mammoth as they next see rolling hills and then see a “large shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of different colors” as a large disc-shaped craft appears before them.

They hear a voice over the radio saying everything will be ok and that they are in good hands. They land their plane and he is greeted by a tall very beautiful blonde woman. She introduces him to their master, and he tells the Admiral that he has been summoned there because he was well known on the surface world. This master told him that after the the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, they became extremely worried about the fate of the human race. He said that they tried to warn us before the war but we wouldn’t listen and now the powers of our world would rather destroy the world in order to get what they want. He than said to the Admiral: “So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world, a black fury that will not spend itself for many years. There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science.

Your recent war was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race. The Admiral asked what he should do. This master tells him that let everyone in the surface world hear these words and later tells him that “When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race.” Now why didn’t we hear about this before? Well blame it on his superiors who in his own words: “I am placed under strict control via the national security provisions of this United States of America.

I am ordered to remain silent in regard to all that I have learned, on behalf of the humanity.” Incredible He wrote this and signed it before he died and the last thing he said was “Just as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again… and those who are of darkness shall fall in it’s light… For I have seen that land beyond that pole, that center of the great unknown.” beautiful interesting All right.

So this one’s very interesting the Aquaferians so yeah next We’re on to the Aquaferians, which sound exactly what they’re like, water type beings Jules hit us with the last one Aquaferians mission: help the human race, some want human DNA experimentation Home star: Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation, some currently reside within the Earth’s ocean Alignment some benevolent and some hostile This is more of an umbrella term for aqueous beings that hail from the Pleiadian system. They started in Pleiades and of course like all beings some migrated to Sirius. So here is the interesting thing, we mentioned the South African tribe called Dogon and they have a name for these mermaid type creatures called Nommo so it seems like these beings came here long ago and decided to make Earth their home. This would also explain how all of these myths and legends of mermaids came about. I mean we covered a lot of these in our 2nd episode ever about mermaids. But at the time I didn’t even think they could relate to ETs.

We weren’t as deep in this as we are now Also there have been secret reports of Naval sighting of underwater city type places that you can supposedly see in google maps. We could do a whole episode on that, we could, we could do a lot of episodes Let us know if you want us to Plus all throughout Japanese culture they talk about these beings and even have bones on display of some of them Ok so let’s get into what these are like. Some can look like fish from the waist down and human waist up and vise versa or like a human eel. Emery Smith said some can look like dolphins which is what I drew here with large mouths that go all the way to the ears and lips like a grouper fish. Some of these beings in particular communicate through telepathic waves and through frequencies. Similar to whales. But Emery said It’s painfully slow to talk to us. And these dolphins in particular, their brains are three times larger than ours and they speak about 10 chirps a second. Some can also look like Manatees which are pretty obese and have these little hands that they can’t use but they are very strong and funny looking but can be 8 feet tall.

They also have really short stubby legs. Emery did say that these Manatees are very wise but they also know that they are very wise. But he said the coolest part is that they have these super deep voices which are amazing to hear and you can’t imitate them no matter what you are trying to do Corey Goode did say that there are some more scarier type ones that do live in our oceans and conduct their own genetic programs and if you happened to be around these they will grab you and pull you into the water apparently they are not fond of humans. Well guys these were some intense episodes that we covered and you guys probably have a lot of questions, so we can do a live Q&A about this in the near future especially about the genetic programs.

Also guys, we’re coming out with a whole book of these alien species that you’re gonna be able to download off of our website that’s going live very soon. So keep an eye out for that Don’t forget to hit like or subscribe please we can really use your support and remember to hit that notification bell So yeah, when we were in the contact in the desert Emery was talking about humans are actually the rock stars of the universe we have some kind of like clean DNA and I mean if you really look at it from a divine perspective we are created by the divine So that was why these alien beings are probably visiting us so much yeah, and I mean I completely agree and I think that all these other ET races are so fascinated by us because it’s like we are capable of so much greater than all of the other ones combined but it’s just that we’re being really restricted here And then I think the the bad ones are afraid of what we’re actually capable of and so they’ve been you know Everyone’s been trying to suppress us, but I think if we truly knew our potential All of them would be looking up to us And also remember to treasure yourself because all the beings and the cosmos seem to as well So anyway guys, what did you think about our episode on alien races? We want to know what you guys think please comment below Until then we’ll see you guys out on the edge

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