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Ultimate Guide to #Alien Races [Vol. 1]

by Alien Cosmos

Well Ben. It’s time. Rob, time for what Time for us to travel deep into the far reaches of the universe. Jules, take us into hyperspace Deploying Hyperspace in 3, 2, 1 … Do you believe in UFOs? Do you believe we’ve made contact with extraterrestrials? If so, what do they look like? How many different species do we have documented? And more importantly what are their intentions All of this and more on today’s episode of the edge of wonder Welcome to a special episode of Edge of Wonder on ET Species. I’m your host Ben. and I’m Rob, whenever you start a conversation about extraterrestrials There’s going to be a lot of confusion on what people saw and what accounts are legitimate or not Which is understandable because this issue is definitely something that if it’s true has been hidden from the general public for a long time On this episode, we decided to create an ultimate guide for you guys on who are these beings from other star systems or dimensions that are visiting us We had to wade through multiple sets of documents to figure out what really is going on and with all these different species and who they are So sit back, Relax and and join us in an intergalactic journey through the most notable alien races that we’re aware of Jules take it away Arcturians, mission: assisting humans on their spiritual path Home Star: Arcturus Alignment: benevolent So for the first one on our list, we thought we would go for one of the more benevolent extraterrestrial races, the Arcturians There is quite a lot of information about this race and the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, said he connected with them and was given a lot of information about these beings Arcturians come from the star Arcturus, which is about 37 light years away which is about 37 light years away and is the brightest star in the constellation of Boots which is 100 times brighter than our Sun According to Cayce and other people who have connected with them they are supposed to be the most advanced civilization in our entire galaxy and have the most advanced technological spaceships One of the ships which is named off the Greek Goddess Athena, circles the Earth and the Darknight UFO which people have reported seeing above earth in photos is supposed to be one of their probes actually Their society is governed by the elders and in their society there is no competition Their entire being exists to raise their vibrational frequency– the higher the level, the closer one is to God or the Creator They achieve this by being able to have complete control over one’s thoughts, actions, and emotions They also judge success of a being by the measure of light frequency one gives off which is pretty cool That’s pretty cool.

They are said to be from the fifth dimension and that in order to exist in that dimension you have to be filled with compassion and overcome all your fear and guilt Which is why no one on the human plane is in the fifth dimension They also said to have come here to protect Earth from negative warlike extraterrestrials that would want to conquer earth It is said that the Draco reptilians have been at war with them since they stopped a lot of the Draco ships from entering Earth’s atmosphere Because they don’t originate from our dimension and their race looks different in that realm it is hard to pinpoint exactly what they look like I did my best in this drawing Our good friend and insider Emery Smith said they can appear humanoid but with a much larger skull Also because of their descent is so ancient some have mixed their DNA with other ET DNA but some have not so it is hard to say what they look like, one way or another So what I drew here is basically the gist of what most people are saying However, Emery did say he knew them to be about 7-8 feet tall But some of the different recordings we saw said 4 feet.

But we don’t know because Ben and I never seen one Exactly, or at least not that we’ve never known to…we might have but who knows maybe Almost all of these on the list have the ability to appear human like and they use some sort of technology or have powerful enough minds where they can appear human to us Next on the list are the Ebens Eben, mission: genetic experimentation with humans and human abduction Home star: secret Planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli system Alignment: generally hostile, but some are known to be benevolent So we thought we would make these guys number 2 on the list since we will be referencing them quite a bit for the next couple of species The Ebens which is a name humans gave them derived from EBE or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Many people get these confused with the Greys and vise versa and Corey Goode has said some people have been abducted by them It has even been reported by a few different people and government insiders that it was the Ebens who actually crashed during the famous Roswell incident and that there was not 1 but 2 crashes Also there was a very famous meeting with the Majestic 12 and this race on the exact date of April 24, 1964 in a secret place in New Mexico It was recorded and was supposed to make it into the first UFO documentary ever in the 70’s However, at the last moment it was denied to be included and instead was shown to Steven Spielberg All of the insiders say that Close Encounters was exactly what happened with the only difference being the location.

Even at the end where the human scientists go with them was a secret program called Project Serpo, which is the name of their home planet Well, not the project part but Thank you captain obvious In these documents which include 3000 pages, it talks in detail about Project Serpo so we seem to know more about the Ebens than any other ET race They are said to be very friendly, playful, and live in a planet that is similar to Earth but a lot hotter with more desert with binary suns, you know, weird stuff like that also they don’t eat meat Does any of this sound familiar? Binary suns, desert, twin planets, Star Wars Oh man, the whole time I was just thinking about the movie E.T.

I was trying to run through what happened in that Maybe that is really where the Star Wars tatooine came from There was a super secret conversation that came out with William J. Casey who was the director of the CIA in the 80’s and with President Ronald Reagan and a “caretaker” at Camp David In this long conversation so much was talked about but it was said to President Reagan that we have been visited by various races of ET’s for thousands of years and some seem, like the Ebens, have the ability of time travel It was also mentioned that they had intel on 5 different races and that they knew one was very hostile which really concerned Reagan and after Roswell was the reason why they created the Department of Defense It was also mentioned by “the caretaker” that the Ebens travel great distances by means of space tunnels They seem to be able to bend the space from one point to another so 40 light years takes them about 9 months.

However, there is a darkside to all of this Later in Project Serpo, it was revealed that the Ebens are one of the master races at genetic manipulation and cloning They found that the 4 other species named in the report were all given to them by the Ebens They also found that all 4 of them had similar DNA meaning that they were cloned using the same source and were most likely a pet project or something for the Ebens They can clone almost any living tissue into a creature via a method called “rapid-cycle cloning.” So guys we tried to make this section on the Ebens short and cut to the chase But actually there’s a lot of different things being said about them Some of which are in Dr. Salla’s report on ET motivations So if you guys want to learn more about that, we’re gonna paste that link below and you can learn more It’s unclear whether these guys are compassionate or not. Yeah, I mean everyone has different interpretations of these guys Some say really really good and then some say that they have agenda that’s been going on for thousands and thousands of years but it is hard to have different interpretations about the next alien race That is true, the most dangerous out of the five that was captured is next Trantaloids Mission: genetic experimentation with humans Home planet: Epsilon Eridani in the constellation Eridanus Alignment: hostile Not much are known about these beings or what they look like aside from the fact that the military labeled these as H.A.V meaning Hostile Alien Visitors Yea, since no photograph exist, I drew them this way because I just thought you guys might like it But going back to Project Serpo, it was later revealed that these beings were found to have similar DNA to the Ebens and it was thus revealed that they are their creators actually Which is kind of what we got into in the Ebens section Yes Which makes us wonder, why would beings that seem so friendly and so eager to work with us created such hostile creatures that are abducting people Maybe this is where the story line for Mars Attacks really came from “We come in Peace,” as we take over your planet By the way it was also revealed Project Dove, was where the military were giving secrets to Hollywood so people would think that their secret spacecraft were just UFOs The movie ET was actually based on an Eben named J-Rod But these documents go on to say that the “Trantaloids were abducting/mutilating cows to develop anti-toxins for themselves located and derived from within the unique cow physiology.” So again in the conversation with William J.

Casey and President Reagan, Casey says “Mr President, we have a Trantaloid, but it is dead. We captured it in 1961 in Canada and we had it in captivity until 1962, when it died. . . . the Trantaloids have strange materials … nothing like Earth These alien can imitate humans. They can look like blond humans However, they are not blond, but ugly-looking insects Which is why I drew it this way you guys, you can see it’s like a somewhat beautiful evil looking beautiful human-ish And that it really what it is is this weird insect thing You did a pretty good job it’s cool So the president responds “Well, they would stand out” to which another unnamed adviser says: “No, Mr. President, as I said they can imitate looking like humans “To which President Reagan jokes, ‘How in the world do they do that? It took a lot of makeup to make me look good in the movies. And then everyone laughed in the room So then the other adviser says to him, “Well, Mr.

President, I can assure you they don’t use makeup, at least not like we would They have the ability to change their bodies As I said before, they are 1,000 years ahead of us in technology and probably every other science.” The conversation goes on about what measures are being set in place to protect the American people And more jokes on how they should call Captain Kirk or maybe even how Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Star Trek, knows the truth They also explain how their propulsion system harnesses the power of antimatter which at the time no one talking to the President understood the physics behind it and even say that it is 1000’s of years beyond our technology Isn’t CERN using antimatter? Exactly So that is very interesting considering this seems to be exactly as I said, exactly what CERN is doing trying to generate Antimatter, so did this technology come from these guys? Well, Casey said they did have a craft recovered from these Trantaloids and that they were already been reverse engineering them By the way, check out our video on CERN if you haven’t So Ben, what do you think when I do this What do you think of Mantids Yeah You don’t think that was good enough So the next species is the main extraterrestrials driving the genetic programs Jules take it away Mantids Mission: genetic experimentation with humans Home Planet: Planet OTTO in Zeta Reticuli in the constellation of Reticulum Alignment: amoral When we talk about the these Mantid extraterrestrials, the first thing that might come to mind is the Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy you know that cute telepathic girl in which all of us comic geeks out there are in love with Well guys, sorry, the real Mantid race couldn’t be further from the truth think more of a 6 foot upright walking Mantids with black eyes almost as big as your head and a huge mandible but extremely telepathic Yeah, not something I would ask out on a date Also according to the Project Serpo report, the Ebens created them too Many people who have been abducted including, Whitley Strieber claimed to have seen these entries leading a lot of the human experiments after they have been abducted According to Corey Goode and others, the Mantids are working closely with the Dracos or reptilians and are the main drivers behind the human genetic programs that many ET races are working on He also said collectively they are not very sympathetic to us And you guys have to wait to the next episode when we cover the Dracos But what’s interesting is that Emery Smith and a few other insiders like Pete Peterson actually had a good encounter with these beings Emery said that the secret military bases that are deep underground actually works with many different kinds of beings and these are one of them He said that if a being died these Mantids have the ability to..

I guess you can say download the memory of that person even if they just recently died to see how that being died Both said that the Mantids learned never to open their mouths around humans because you know that will completely freaks us all out thinking they’re gonna eat us Yea can you imagine a 6 foot mantids opening its mouth we would all think it was going to eat us even if it was a vegetarian Maybe that is where the idea of Predator came from, that silly mouth thing they have Also it is important to note that a lot of these insiders do say just like humans there are good beings among the ones which we generally think as bad Yea Emery saw probably some of worst aspects of what the military was doing so I can imagine how that might change a person and how they look at ETs differently as well .

And so the next race are the Alpha Centaurians Alpha Centaurians Mission: genetic experimentation with humans Home star: Alpha Centauri Alignment: amoral Unfortunately, not much are known about these beings and if you search online you get all kinds of shapes, forms and descriptions However, according to David Wilcock, he heard that these beings look like albinos from Spain that are super ripped and have white hair Supposedly these are working closely with governments, or most likely the cabal side of the our governments and that if you were to recognize them or realize who they are they would start monitoring you and track you telepathically Also we heard from various sources that a lot of aliens are already doing this And Corey even warned of many of these “personality tests” that we see online actually have extraterrestrials behind them monitoring people This can start getting really freaky pretty quickly and both Rob and I have heard from various sources about how dangerous this can be but just note there are good beings watching over things as well and watching THEM as well Without further ado The next alien species is the weirdest species of all of them that I’ve encountered And I’ve drawn a picture of it right here I call this the Benchasteroid and he is very strange and I heard that he can transform and make himself look exactly like Ben Chasteen I can yeah You’re freaking me out man It’s a good drawing there It’s alright, actually it’s a little bit off but not bad for the first shot I’m surprised.

I thought you’re gonna do something totally insane Okay, actually the next race are the Annunaki Annunaki Mission: genetically manipulate control and conquer Home Planet: Niburu Alignment: varied You all heard of the Anunnaki and if you haven’t geez, where have you been In 1849, British Archaeologist Sir Austen Henry Layard uncovered 14 tablets in Sumeria To date they’re the oldest known writings and they date back to the 24th century BC The term Annunaki means “Those who from the heavens came.” I mean these guys could be a few episodes Okay so let’s make a really long story short About 450,000 years ago, these elongated headed human looking beings flew down in spaceships looking for gold to fix their home planet You know that extra planet, Nibiru, everyone’s always talking about with a wonky orbit that comes in and causes havoc every some odd thousands of years So they come down looking for gold since gold is supposed to do wonders in fixing atmospheric conditions especially when used in nanoparticles But you know those Annunaki aren’t used to using their own labor so they brought a slave race down with them called the Igigi The Igigi didn’t much like being kicked around so they eventually rebelled and got beaten down to nearly extinction Now notice how we didn’t say that it was the Annunaki that created humans like lots of people are saying? That’s because evidence of humans go back way beyond these space jammers But that’s another episode altogether.

If you want a little bit more information on that you can watch our video on Ancient relics Right, so basically due to a very dramatic set of circumstances and probably once they got enough of their gold to save Niburu the Annunaki left, leaving a bunch of Sumerian culture But wait, there’s more! Did they really leave? All this Annunaki stuff actually starts to go into royal bloodlines and what’s actually controlling the people who are controlling things That 1 word we’re not supposed to mention deep state So … right this is into another episode altogether if we keep going down this road One final thing, why do the tablets say humans were created by the Annunaki? If you want us to do a video on this, let us know because we actually have a pretty solid foundation on this Yeah, we can do it I think Next what everyone’s been waiting for the newest aliens to have been uncovered the Blue Avians Blue Avian Mission: assisting humans on their spiritual path Home star: unknown Alignment: Benevolent Now these beings are probably ones that everyone in the UFO community are talking about the most right now Corey Goode brought these out in the public’s eye but what people don’t know is that there are many people who’ve actually had contact with them it’s just that they just don’t talk about it too much But look guys don’t worry about whether these are real let’s just focus on how cool these beings are and if they are true and here to help than that is awesome I mean if it is true that these darker beings exist, then I really hope there are good guys here to help us out And be good to know Speaking of cool, so these beings have surpassed technology, they don’t even need it They travel inter-dimensionally by changing their vibrational pattern of their bodies to match the vibrational pattern of the realm or dimension they wish to go to That’s really cool Also because they don’t need technology, they travel around in these blue spheres which are living entities themselves and are superior to almost all of the races out there They come from a universe that has a higher density than our own and they understand that to get involved with Human affairs creates a karmic connection which is why from our understanding most of the Benevolent ET’s out there don’t like to directly interfere with us otherwise they will enter our cycle of reincarnation OK let’s talk about who they are According to Corey, they follow the ultimate Creator and are here only to assist humans in their spiritual journey which is why they may contact some people on an individual basis and not on a massive scale They look for those who are on the path in seeking the truth of life and are willing to let go of worldly things They mostly come into our dreams and may give messages to certain people or sometimes you might see a blue sphere floating in your room or even while you are meditating Personally, I did see a blue sphere one time when I was meditating so I do believe in these But let’s save that for another time So aside from all of this, Corey said that he did interact with one, called Ra Tier Eir and that they were here to bring a message for all humans to focus on increasing our services to others and to be more loving to ourselves and everyone else in order to raise our vibrational level and consciousness Also like all upright religions, learn to forgive yourself and others which ends a lot of the cycle of this karmic debt So look at it like this way guys, even if you don’t believe in all of this this is just a great message and something we should be doing no matter what we believe One last thing to note, Corey said that they did visit our planet long ago but humans turned it into a cult and started to worship them which is according to him, not at all what they wanted which is another reason why they won’t show themselves, they want us to follow the lord Creator The next one, or the big freaky headed, beady-eyed Zeta Reticuli Zeta Reticuli Mission: genetic experimentation with humans Home star: Zeta Reticuli system in the constellation of Reticulum Alignment: amoral Out of all of the extraterrestrial species, these guys are of course the most well known, the Zeta Reticuli, or simply the Greys Now these beings can be around 3-5 feet or the Tall Greys can even be up to 8 feet high These are one of the most typical beings abductees see However, what people don’t know is that a lot of the insiders say the shorter ones are more like androids some actually have artificially constructed robotic elements and some are completely robots Also almost all of the other species involved with the Genetic experimentations use the androids as on hands workers In addition to their advanced technology, many say they have the capability to time travel and that some say they are a future human race that became deformed and unable to reproduce after too much cloning and genetic manipulation of their DNA Which is why they are after ours The Greys are said to be highly intelligent and use telepathy to communicate but value science and technology above spirituality It is also said that many of them have been trying (along with the dracos) to get humans to believe so much in science that we won’t acknowledge anything unless this science proves it first The real scary thought is that it is already happening Also many report that they don’t have any sympathy or emotions for humankind and they just see us as animals However, there are some who say they have a positive experience with them but a lot of the abductions recently seem to be coming from our own secret military (or I should say the cabal) in which they have been assisting them It is important to note that many insiders and abductees say that not every being within a race is bad There are mostly likely some good ones that do wish to help Also many insiders are saying that some of them are being forced to comply against their will Did you guys know that the first documented case of abduction dates back to 1961 with the Barney and Betty Hill abduction After undergoing hypnosis they started to remember their frightening ordeal and were the first people to explain what are now known as the stereotypical greys It was the first ever case that was widely studied and also began the UFO phenomena much to their dis-enjoyment It is also said that in the super top secret Industrial Military Complex the Greys have one of the last floors in which humans are banned from entering This is where Phil Schneider has his story of attacking them with a team after finding all kinds of human body parts and blood everywhere He says there was a battle and that he was attacked by a ray gun that burned his hand And unfortunately, then he was killed like a few years later after coming out Geez So the next race we will be covering or a more normal race and much to my relief, the Nordics Nordics Mission: assisting humans on the spiritual path and genetic testing Home star: Pleiades star cluster Alignment: Some benevolent and some hostile Now there are a lot of beings who all look Nordic which is more of a general term for these beings They are characterized by being around 5-7 feet tall with blonde hair and mostly blue eyes with very soft skin Some are known as having no irises and wearing contacts to blend in and are in great physical shape and are very attractive Also They usually walk very up right and were first known in the 50’s when they tried to get all the world governments to stop making atomic weapons They are known as a very benevolent race and wish to help mankind in their spiritual development and have been at war with the Dracos for a very long time Also they have been reported in many cultures throughout history such as the Hopi who called them “White Brother.” However, because some aliens can look like them or look like us I should say there seems to be a lot of various kinds of Nordics, some have evil intentions and some don’t What is also known is that first they said they were from Venus and later changed their home to the Pleaidian clusters So some say they are deceitful and have a hidden agenda working with the greys and Dracos There is also one group that were taken over by the Dracos and work with the Dracos doing Genetic experimentation with humans Corey Goode mentioned to Dr.

Michael Salla, that this group has 6 fingered hands Some people have noted that these being are also present while they were abducted Some abductees have had a very pleasant experience being with them and they actually showed them different events unfolding in our future which actually came to pass And some people have also compared them to angels What is known is that there seems to be some Nordics that have visited people in dreams and say that they have received guidance that help them in their journey through life By the way, going back to Project serpo It is reported that The Day the Earth Stood Still in which a humanoid extraterrestrial arrives on earth to warn humanity about the dangers of atomic weapons was inspired by real events with the Nordics last but not least We have the Tall Whites Tall whites mission: Aid the human Race Home star: Orion system Alignment: benevolent So these Tall Whites are different from what people describe as Nordic tall whites Emery Smith explained these in detail on the Gaia series with David Wilcock Emery said that, “They have a very fluid movement that’s actually like a dance.

They also have a very deep understanding of all of our belief systems, and they’re very compassionate, and they’re very smart.” He also said it isn’t really white, but more like their skin radiates and reflects light off their skin Emery also described them as having long fingers but their feet are similar to ours Emery did say they looked exactly like the beings in Star Wars Attack of Clones, who are making the clones that they sell to Obiwan One of the things that I encountered when I was researching tall whites was that Dr. Salla in his ET motivations report So you know there’ s been different contact with alien extraterrestrials and those aliens have deals with governments right And so a lot of these aliens actually live on US Air Force bases and the reports with the tall whites were anything but good Compassionate or nice I mean these beings were like threatening humans If you got near close to their kids, they would say they were going to kill you It was like and they also describe them not like The star wars type more like humanoid-looking So I think this is where it gets really confusing because there’s Nordics, right? there’s probably at least like 10 different species that look similar to the Nordics and some of them are like extremely benevolent and then you have ones way over here that are and then you might have the military classic fighting those as tall whites and then You have Emery, Corey saying this other group is tall white, it’s hard to say exactly Yeah, you know without meeting these races directly.

What the heck’s going on. Yeah. Yeah So guys, what do you think of our part one of our ET race guide In our next video We’ll be covering part two But if you would like us to cover any more non-terrestrial beings in any particular way, leave a comment below Also, we’re gonna be putting these drawings by me all together in a in poster and book format So if you guys want a copy for yourself Make sure to check out the links below in which you can go to the download section And as always remember to hit like and subscribe for more awesome videos And until then we will see you guys out on the edge these guys are of course the most well known, the Zeta Reticuli, or simply the Greys That is gonna make it into the bluebook Eric That was not in the script Ben

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