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UFO Seekers – Official Trailer (2020)

by Alien Cosmos

UFO & Alien Investigators. Our mission is to document evidence of the UFO phenomenon or alien visitation through work in the field. “UFO Seekers” is a legal private company headquartered in Bakersfield, California since 2016 (United States of America). Visit our website to learn more about us (www.UFOSeekers.com).

Our episodes are published here on the Official UFO Seekers® YouTube Channel, every Tuesday night at 10:00 PM PST. All of our past episodes are streaming 24/7 on UFOTV® ALL ACCESS available online via your PC/Mac, via the app (Android/Apple), or on your Smart TV (Roku, Firestick, etc.). Visit www.UFOTV.com to learn more.

WEBSITE: https://ufoseekers.com
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PHONE: (661) UFO-7889

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UFO Seekers Music by Robert Holm. Other tracks and music by various artists. Audio edited by Tim Doyle. Video edited by Tim Doyle. UFO Seekers Investigators that appear in this video are Tim Doyle and Tracey Lee. Identities of UFO witnesses may be withheld to protect the reputation of, and/or the safety of, the individual(s) involved. No actors appear in this video. No camera crews, audio crews, or safety crews were used in the making of this video. All content contained in this film was created by UFO Seekers, or submitted to UFO Seekers. No copying, redistribution, editing, distributing, selling, of this film is permitted by UFO Seekers. Please contact UFO Seekers for media requests ([email protected]) or permission for usage on content.

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