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The Woman Who Walks Between The Worlds – March19/2021 – 9:30am EST / 2:30pm UTC

by Alien Cosmos

AMANTHA MURPHY was schooled in the ancient and hidden lore of wise women and healers, rooted in the Irish landscape and guarded over the years by her female forebears.

Amantha is the author of the new book “The Way of the Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path”. In her book, she brings to life ancient practices from her Irish tradition, combining story, ritual, energy teaching and the insights gathered from her own inner journeying. It is the path of the Irish wise woman – “a path of power, passion and grace.”

At its core lies the pre-Celtic understanding of the Tree of Life and the turning of the Wheel of the Year, containing the seasonal turning points such as Samhain and Imbolc, their attendant festivals and the role and powers of long-suppressed Irish goddesses. Along with the better-known goddesses, Medb, Brigid, Áine and the Cailleach, we also meet a pantheon that includes Tailtiú, Boann, Macha, Tlachtga. These goddesses are archetypes, aspects of ourselves, which can help us to understand and embrace our many facets.

The Way of the Seabhean outlines a range of practices as well as rituals and rites of passage. It explains the chakras – energy vortexes – as they are understood in her Irish tradition and how to balance them.

Amantha’s Seabhean teaching in Ireland, the US and Canada has already opened the Way of the Seabhean to an eager audience.

—Amantha’s new book, The Way of the Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path, is available via Womancraft Publishing. To order it: https://celticsouljourneys.com/books/ also via Goodreads.com, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

—To learn more about Amantha and her teachings at her website, www.celticsouljourneys.com

—Her email: [email protected]

—Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjO5AIall-OAO7mhDcznLbA

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