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We Are the Disclosure: A People’s History of the Extraterrestrial Field (The Disclosure Series)

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Since the late 1940s, a growing number of individuals and groups have urged the authorities to public disclose what they know about interaction between humans and non-human intelligences. But for 70 years those authorities have employed various tactics to keep the subject secret, and to confuse perceptions of any information that does reach the public. But as people worldwide continue to experience various contact phenomena, the responsibility of researching and reporting this has fallen to those called in various ways to participate. We Are the Disclosure is an embodiment of this bottom-up Disclosure process. Through in-depth interviews, this book provides a people’s history of the development of the field since the early days, charting its evolution from a technological issue, to a military, intelligence, political, historical, environmental and spiritual one. Leading researchers in the field are joined by archeologists, radio hosts, journalists, scientists, psychologists, therapists, military whistleblowers, a remote viewer, experiencers and ET-human hybrids. They discuss their contributions to the field, the implications of this subject for individuals and society, and how we can overcome the governmental suppression and bring humanity into a new era of cosmological understanding.We Are the Disclosure features interviews with Stanton Friedman, Barbara Lamb, Jim Marrs, Mary Rodwell, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Clifford Stone, Lyn Buchanan, Michael Cremo, Klaus Dona, Lee Speigel, Professor Milton Wainwright, Dr. C. B. Scott Jones, Alexis Brooks, Robert Fullington, Rey Hernandez, Gary Heseltine,Jujuolui Kuita, Vanessa Lamorte, Dr. Rita Louise, Marilyn Gewacke, Derek Savory, Jerry Wills, Victor Viggiani and Dr. CristiAnne Quiros.This book adds important depth and breadth to the discussion, and provides strong evidence that Disclosure may prove to be the most important topic of our time, and that it is being driven in large part by the ETs themselves.www.wearethedisclosure.com

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