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Inside The Dream Factory… The UK UFO Office And Declassification

by Alien Cosmos


Although the MOD did not want to be perceived as hunting for extraterrestrials, that’s exactly what happened, thanks to pop culture. Over the years, books, movies and other media rendered the term “UFO” synonymous with “extraterrestrial spaceship”. Many people believed that governments were covering up the truth about UFOs. This, coupled with the fact that the MOD is an inherently secretive organisation, led people to think that we were involved in a sinister conspiracy. However, the work that was undertaken was occasionally fascinating and seemingly was the result of real UFO encounters. Nick Pope describes his day to day work for the MOD.

Presented by – Nick Pope
Courtesy of Portal to Ascension – https://portaltoascension.org/about/
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The release of advanced technology utilized consciously
Transparency within business and global economic affairs
An understanding beyond our third dimensional perception

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