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Contact with E.Ts… The Quantum Hologram and Profound States Of Consciousness

by Alien Cosmos


Many people around the world, from all walks of life, believe themselves to be in regular contact with beings from off-planet. Mary Rodwell is a trained nurse, midwife and therapist who has worked with thousands of cases of people having these remarkable experiences. They are not products of over-active imaginations, rather, they are real and happening to normal, healthy people. Some people are aware of it, but many are completely unaware because E.T. encounters occur in numerous ways. Her research has lead her to theorize the utilization of a quantum hologram.

Presented by – Mary Rodwell
Courtesy of Portal to Ascension – https://portaltoascension.org/about/
Portal to Ascension provides a stream of awareness on a range of conscious, empowering and paradigm shifting topics through various forms of media & event productions. Portal to Ascension is a resource as we awaken to the truth of our existence and explore the nature of reality and the cosmos. Our efforts are creating a world with full disclosure of:

Humanity’s ancient origins
The truth of the Extraterrestrial presence
The release of advanced technology utilized consciously
Transparency within business and global economic affairs
An understanding beyond our third dimensional perception

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