Hi this is your host Felipe Osorio, Often times when dealing with the UFO secrecy and how to attain full disclosure, people point their fingers to the government. Understandably they accuse the government of hiding the truth, and many believe that the government will never disclose all the ET information to the public because there is no invested interest to do so, right? The issue I have with this type of rhetoric, is WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The CIA, the DoD, the FBI, NSA, the government contractors, the senators, or the president and the cabinet members.

You see, what I am establishing here, the government is too big to place blame as a single agent. Though the different factions of government cooperate with one another at times, they also independently make decisions that benefits their own invested interest. Truth be told, a lot of this secrecy is actually being unveiled without the government’s help. The shear number of government whistle blowers that have come forth, in addition to civilian testimonies is mind-blowing to say the least. And we use meditation, visualization, remote-viewing, certain tones. And we do it in a group when we can. Or even as individuals It’s just, it’s just been this series of unbelievable events That are amplified by our meditation. It enforces this communication between us and the ETs And it’s so interactive! As they begin to learn of us, to help us, to understand us.

Even as we endeavor to understand them and welcome them here to this beautiful planet. Oh, my god… another beautiful… Stunning, absolutely stunning… That’s not an aircraft. Oh, here comes a military plane, very quick. Ohhh. Yeah, it’s a very fast military It turned right to it. It did. Like it literally, my heart literally sunk when the, when the, when the jet… when the jet, you know, got to where where the craft had to faze out. And like to feel all that love build and to feel that jet coming in, and it was… like in a heart level. My heart literally sunk when the jet passed across… There is one whistle blower, however, Christopher Mellon, who I wanted to discuss. What makes Christopher Mellon’s testimony so mentionable, is that he had positions during the Clinton and Bush administrations that required high clearances. Not to mention that he has visited Area 51, was involved in oversight of NRO, CIA, NSA and other intelligence organizations and became the first Congressional official to review all of the NSA’s compartmented programs.

He was also the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Reconnaissance Office Gold Medal and the Defense Intelligence Agency Director Medal. On May 9th, 2016, Huffington Post published an article on the UFO coverup in which Christopher Mellon was interviewed about the subject. The reason why I am sharing this transcript is best stated by the first sentence that Leslie Kean writes in her article: It is unusual for a man of Chris’ stature to speak openly about UFOs, which gives his statements great weight. If you want to read the full article and transcript, click below, it’s absolutely fascinating. For now I will quickly highlight some of the points I found most interesting in his interview. 1) He believes there are numerous UFO incidences that cannot be explained away, including the wave of triangular UFOs that appeared over Belgium in 1993 and in England and the 2006 Chicago O’hare airport UFO incident. He also claimed to have had personal experiences himself, via radar confirmation. 2) However, unlike many UFOlogists, he doesn’t think that Area 51 is harboring ETs or crashed saucers, rather he says its just a top secret base for aircrafts and related technologies.

He didn’t say he knew this for certain, but rather that he never personally witnessed anything to think otherwise. 3) He believes that Hillary Clinton, when she as Secretary of State, would not be in a need-to-know basis regarding UFOs, and likely would not be privy to that knowledge. The DofD, according to Mr. Mellon, would be more involved in ET cases then some of the top cabinet members, including the president at times. The most fascinating information that I gathered from the interview is this aforementioned point, that most individuals in the Government are not necessarily knowledgeable in government intel about Extra Terrestrials. He goes on to say that “In my experience, on those rare occasions when UFO incidents involving the government occur, they are highly inconvenient, awkward and embarrassing for the afflicted government officials who want nothing more than to put the issue behind them as quickly as possible! The military seems generally unwilling to investigate even when UFO reports come from our own military pilots or officials in high office such as Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona.

Senior officials are so fearful of being ridiculed that they conceal any expression of interest or curiosity.” Christopher Mellon continues in a followup question: “I will say this: If it were me, and I were trying to bury it deep, I’d take it outside government oversight entirely and place it in a compartment as a new entity within an existing defense company and manage it as what we call an IRAD or Independent Research and Development Activity. WOW, I don’t know about you but I was shocked when I read that answer — maybe because it made so much sense. Could it be that it’s not that the government that is failing to unveil the UFO information, but more that their intel is so sporadic, so adulterated with human emotions even from our top leaders, that they can’t give us a good consensus as to what’s happening. In other words, it seems very likely given Mr. Mellon’s comments on how to compartmentalize sensitive information, most of the good intel regarding ETs are in the hands of the private sector, in the hands of government contractor and NOT in the hands of the major government agencies themselves, thus the lack of full disclosure.

No matter how much we cry that the government comes out with full disclosure, it will never be full disclosure if most of the intel is guarded by defense corporations. Yet just a few weeks ago, the CIA released thousands of UFO data to the public, and they even tweeted this: It’s almost as if they are asking for the public’s help in organizing the information regarding Extra Terrestrials. I think many ufologist would agree that there is an avalanche of information coming forth, and the damn of secrecy is ready to burst. Given that such high profile individuals are coming forth on this matter, including Hillary’s former chairman for her campaign , John Podesta, and Hillary Clinton herself on the Jimmy Kimell show confirming that UFOs might be real! I am inclined to think some type of disclosure might actually be happening.

Take a look: Obviously, with Trump as president, the unleashing of the UFO secrecy is no longer in Podesta’s hand. That’s only one avenue however for disclosure, and given that such high profile individuals are now coming forth on this matter, we might actually be experiencing a breakthrough with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence disclosure in this country. This has huge ramifications, cosmic implications. Disclosure would be an evolutionary turning point for human history, something to be written about in the history books I wanted to finish off this episode with an Answers from the Christopher Mellon interview as to how to we can get more government officials to change their ingrained attitudes? Quote:” I think we have to ask ourselves a key question, and then bring it forward. Are there UFO cases that are sufficiently well-documented to warrant a scientific investigation of the phenomenon? In my view, the answer is yes. The patterns in the data are too strong; the reports from credible witnesses separated widely by time and place too similar; the evidence from videos and trained military and law enforcement observers too extensive; and the independent radar data in select cases correlates too highly with visual observations to safely ignore.

Finally, when someone you trust and respect, like a naval aviator, looks you in\’a0the eye and tells you he saw something truly extraordinary at close range, it’s hard not to take his testimony seriously. It’s arrogant, unreasonable and unwise to dismiss such reports. We should simply and impartially follow the trail wherever it leads. I am very excited about this show, it’s been a project that’s been long overdue for me. Next episode I will be discussing our Moon, and whether it is a natural or artificial satellite and is there evidence of Alien presence there? What do you guys think? Feel free to leave your comment below, you can subscribe by clicking the 2ndEarth link right down there. Thank you so much for tuning in, Oh, and before I leave, if you guys have your own videos or stories that you would like to submit, feel free to – contact me at EAfiles.contact@gmail.com This is Felipe Osorio signing out.

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